Monday, 25 August 2008

Yo Ho Ho!

25 08 08.

The outer hull is pretty much complete. Soaked and fitted garboards and upper planking, left to dry and then seams filled with automotive filler (Upol D). This was then sanded smooth with 80 grit and then 360 grit paper.
Bluejacket recomend using Testors paints which aren't easily available in the UK so I'm gonna use acrylic. Applied 2 coats of thin white acrylic to the outside of the hull and then sanded back.
Fitted keel, false stems, guard and rubbing strips to outside of hull and then gunwales to inner top edges. It's starting to look like a boat! Next up is the inner planking or "ceiling" which entails cutting all the planks to size from the supplied basswood strips. Pretty damned fiddly by the look of things.

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