Sunday, 7 September 2008

Belay there!

Pt 4
07 09 08

Things have moved on somewhat since Pt 3 and quite a lot of small details have been added: thwarts, fore deck, cuddy deck, clumsy cleat, raising rods, lions tongue, loggerhead, bow rails, steering oar brace, oarlock pads, rear standing cleats, steering oarsmans foot brace and a cleat to tie off from the steering oar brace. Phew! As I say only small details but quite a bit of work. Cramming all this in between working away in Evesham and making plans for Birmingham Artsfest (where I hope to show the piece as a work in progress)

The next really fiddly bit is to cut lengths of reed to affix to the thwarts. These parts are called knees and they are used by the oarsmen to brace themselves against (I think) I have also constructed the steering oar and it's very satisfyiing to make this small detail accurately (another five oars to go)

I have decided on a colour scheme and 'though Blue Jackets instructions state that this type of boat would invariably be painted white below the rubbing strips I am going against this and as well as using Cyan to paint the blue circle which the boat and whales will be displayed on the boat itself will be Magenta (outer hull), Yellow (inner planking, ceiling and thwarts etc) and Black (gunwhales, rubbing strips outer hull upper) which ties in with another series of work currently in development:

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