Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Whales Ho!

Pt 6
17 09 09

Pretty much on the last leg now. Just waiting for Bluejacket to get back to me regarding a query over the construction of the sails/rigging. I have had to make a slight revision in my plans as it's not going to be possible to paint my circle on the floor of the Mailbox space where Claudia's whale is being exhibited. So, I shall endeavour to track down some canvas (or similar) and make the roundel portable/temporary. Emma from Ikon has agreed this will be suitable and I'm looking forward to Mon 22nd when it all kicks off.

All that remains is to fit the sails & lines (mast, boom and gaff now constructed) , make the killing lance (harpoon made: see below) add harpoon racks, apply final coats of paint/varnish and add a nameplate to the port bow then she's ready to set sail!

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