Sunday, 21 September 2008

Pull to windward!

21 09 08
Pt 7

The Sail and Jib are a work of art in themselves and a couple of emails to Bluejacket have been neccasary to clear up some confusion over plan details. Thanks to Suzi for her assistance. So the morning of 20 09 08 has seen the final fitting completed, setting up the sails with strengthening pieces, bolt rope, reef ropes, tieing on the mast, boom and gaff and rigging them to the boat. The rudder has been painted to match the colour scheme and line tubs fitted inside the vessel. I have to admit to leaving out a few small items due to time constraints (piggin, water breaker and lantern keg) so the crew will have to go thirsty in the dark!

I have tried to photograph as many details of construction as possible and this has amounted to quite a lot of pics which I will edit and publish here as and when.

So, the Aurora is set up and ready to run. Right now (Sun morning) she is within the circle surrounded by wooly whales on my work table just waiting for the last few photos before packing up for transportation to the gallery tomorrow. What fate awaits her is yet to be determined. I can only hope for fair weather and a calm sea, though I fear mightily for her safety.

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